Now Avail your Personal solutions and remedies based on your Current Location and Birth details to create and increase your cash flow

Unveiling the Mystical Remedies of the rich and affluent

The Wealth and Wellness report uses your Birth Credentials along with your Present Geographical Location to create personal solutions and remedies based on AstroVastu that help you yield your DESIRED RESULTS

For the first time ever!!! Shri ShivaAmit Khanna ji- Team Devayah brings to you a hand made personal wealth and wellness report to help you bounce back from the after effects of the pandemic.

Open doors to the Life of your DREAMS. Achieve all that you have dreamt of. Simple AstroVastu solutions to mystically attract Money, Wellness, Social stature and achieve your goals.

Get hands on solutions that were only accessible to the niche so far!!!

Presenting to you the path to your Overall W&W Report -Wealth and Wellness Report

Statutory Expression- Your access to this report is not a matter of fact, it is a matter of Luck that the Universe has brought you to.

EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE- the power of Astrology and Vastushastra

Some basic and easy remedies can help you achieve the desired wealth and wellbeing that you are destined to receive. Attract wealth, success, wellness and money in your Life

You are just a few steps away to Experience a Content and a Fulfilled Life.

An array of people have already experienced the goodness and change in their lives, by using the suggested remedies as per their personalized horoscopes and birth details.

Experience noticeable results in a period as short as 15 days has strengthened their Trust and Belief in Us by multifold.

“Your W&W Report – A Step into your World of Wealth and Wellbeing”. It is a personalized Astro -Vastu report basis your birth credentials which provides solutions and remedies

To attract Wealth,Health, Prosperity and Wellbeing.

This report provides some simple and easy to do remedies and solutions to:

1.Favourable Vastu points- Guidance on favorable and beneficial Vastu points and directions as per individual horoscope. Balancing and enhancing the given directions through Vastu solutions to reap maximum benefits in terms of wealth, wellness, relationships and health.

2.Favourable Graha- This report mentions the beneficial planets that will help an individual to attract wealth and balance in life. The remedies aim to increase the power of your thoughts that in turn will strengthen the planets to bring about health, wealth and prosperity in one’s life.

3. Remedies to attract Wellness and Wealth- This report will suggest various remedies that will be user specific. These remedies will help in creating new avenues of wealth and money. It will also help in increasing the existing wealth of the person.

4. Astrological solutions to attract Wealth and Wellness- This report will provide various solutions and mantras that will help the remedies work faster and in the most effective manner.

5. Remedies to avoid foreseen /unforeseen health hazards- This report will make you aware of the probable health hazards that might prevail in your and your family’s life. This will guide you some solutions and remedies to avoid such mis happenings and suggest some remedies to tackle them if incase there are persistent at present.

6. Rahu and Ketu effect on Life- A detailed planetary movement and position report with solutions to curb the malefic effects of these planets and to increase and accelerate their favorable effects.

7. Shloka Therapy- A complete guidance and solutions using Vedic mantras and Shlokas will be suggested for the wellbeing.

8. Report on personal Jyotirlinga- A complete report on your personal Jyotirlinga as per your birth chart.

9. Report on Karma stores as per Chakras- Chakras reveal Karma and vice-versa. Such a Karmic effect can define the positive and negative effects on our future.

10. Favorable home and office décor to attract Wellness and Growth- A report on favorable artefacts that can be placed in specific directions to promote Wellness and Growth.

11. Dream Developer- This is a surprise element– You may expect certain dream building areas in terms of work or business that will give you surprising results as per your horoscope. There are certain areas of work that can astrologically yield great results and can help the jaatak to achieve surprising benefits. These areas are unknown to us, however a sneak peek into the chart can help us identify these areas of work.

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Steps to Access the report:

Step 1- Share details of the following credentials

Current Location:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Time of Birth:

Step 2- Make Payment

You will receive your W&WReport in 5-7 working days from date of payment.

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Dreams and You

Your existence on Earth is for a Cause. Your job, business and professional stature is just a part of it. Being a homemaker or a working professional. You still have a cause and dream to fulfill while you live.
Food for Thought
There are 4 things that decide your Success and Happenings.
1. Hard work
2. Karma
3. Determination
4. Destiny
Having all these in whatever form and quantity has been deciding our fate till date. But these four things can be charged and accelerated in the right directions through your Personal Astro Vastu remedies in order to reap your DREAM results.
Most of us give 100percent to our work and job be it personal or professional. But we still end up not gaining as per our expectation. That’s when the Blame Game begins, and our determination begins to lower down. Our age old mythology and Shastras have given us a VARDAAN which, if we use in the right manner as per our Birth chart and planetary positions, can help us achieve all that we DREAM.

How will this report help?

The combination of your astrological and Vastu solutions can help you reap the best results in order to achieve your goals. This Wealth and Wellness report will connect your personal details with the Vastu directions most favourable for you. It will then create some solutions and remedies tweaked as per your personal benefits. Observing and following the solutions for a period of time will help you realize and see distinct changes in your finances, health , relationships and many other spheres.

Note: the solutions and remedies differ for each person as per their Birth credentials.
Credential Required to develop the report

The following credentials are required for us to create your Personal Wealth and Wellness report:
Full Name
Current Location
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth
Professional details/Occupation
Email ID

Delivery of Report

The report will be a hand made report delivered within 5-7 working days from the date of payment. Your horoscope alongside the W2W report will be emailed in a PDF format

The Time is Now or Never

As a bounce back from the grip of the global pandemic we are offering one of the most expensive services at affordable prices. And not just this you also get to know about some hidden truths which you can use in your day to day life. Find below some Free Rewards that you get along side this report.

Reward 1: Favorable Car Brand- A car being an asset, every individual aspires to buy a car or a four wheeler of his/her own. We often buy cars on some specific days or dates as a common nomenclature. But there lies a hidden truth related to the abundance and good fortune an asset brings to you, this relates to your personal birth chart. This report will suggest to you the most favorable car brand that will bring in Fortune to you.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR999/-

Reward 2: Favorable Color- We use colors in a daily life. While going for an interview or date we think of the colors that have brought fortune and good luck to us in certain situations. Now this is a common nature. Believe it or not, we have all thought about choosing colors that have benefitted us in the past and so we consider them as our most favorable color. This report will explore the cause and effect of specific colors that can be used for a lifetime.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR999/-

Reward 3: Favorable time to pray- The time that we sit and pray and the direction in which we sit and pray is of utmost importance. This varies from person to person as per their individual horoscope. This report will describe the direction, place and the time most favorable for you.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR999/-

Reward 4: Karma stores in your chakras- Every birth chart comes with its own mention of hidden and revealed karmas. A combination of various strands brings along a particular karma. To know your Karma is nothing less than a fortune in itself. This report describes your own Karma chakras that can be beneficial for you like a trump card.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 1499/-

Reward 5: Favorable Bank to do business and other transactions- A particular bank according to its name best suits your Birth chart. If you happen to invest, and make transactions with that particularly named bank , it will help you grow your cash flow and financial worth. This report enumerates the names of Bank/s that are most beneficial for you and your money.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 999/-

Reward 6: Your personalized Mantras based on birth chart- Chanting of mantras is a regular ritual at every occasion as per our Hindu Mythology. However, little do we know that each mantra has its own vibrations that comfort planets. As per our own Birth chart, we have a particular mantra that will help us achieve desired result and bring in peace and satisfaction in our life. This report will explore your personal mantra and its way of chanting.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 1499/-

Reward 7: Favorable Form of Lord Ganesha based on birth chart- As Hinduism believes in remembering Ganpati or Lord Ganesha in the beginning of any auspicious work to reap beneficial results as he is Widely revered as the remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha the patron of arts and sciences and the ‘Deva’ of intellect and wisdom, Lord Ganesha (also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka) is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion. As the God of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. However, little do we know about the forms of Lord Ganesha. Yes! There exist 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. And all the forms are well worshiped all around the world. It is important to know the particular form of Ganesha to be worshipped in order to reap the best possible benefits out of the work that you begin. A person’s astrological chart denotes the right form of Ganesha that the person should worship in order to reap maximum benefits .This report will identify and reveal the form of Ganesha that you must worship as per your Birth chart.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 1499/-

Reward 8: Your own jyotirlinga- A jyotirlinga is connected with the soul. Each birth chart reveals its own jyotirlinga that needs to be worshipped. Just like Lord Shiva became Somnath when he went to visit Lord Krishnna on his birth. Somnath is believed to be the most compassionate form of Lord Shiva. The jyotirlinga of Somnath represents a condition of exalted moon as seen in a particular horoscope. Hence, every birth chart has a particular jyotirlinga prevalent for worship. This report will highlight you personal favorable jyotirlinga.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 1499/-

Reward 9: Favorable plant to bring in success- Plants are a symbol of growth but the right direction and right nature of plant decides its effect on a particular household. This report will identify plants that will best describe your individual nature and the plant that can bring around growth benefits in terms of relationships and professional growth.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 999/-

Reward 10: Best painting/sculpture to décor your home- Symbols and Sculptures when placed in a building, have a significant meaning- It says something to one’s subconscious mind, which then begins to act. This activates the natural earth powers to generate the special process towards the fulfilment of our desires-Once these powers sense our desires, they programme our Inner Mind accordingly. Thus, the power lead us towards the achievement of our goals, the purpose of life.Placement of certain appropriate symbols helps a person to enact appropriately and take correct decisions. This report will help you decide your home décor as per colors and directions that will help you grow socially and individually.
Note: This report is actually priced at INR 1499/-


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What Our Customers Say

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can one gain trust on Vastushastra and astrology?

Ans.1 Keeping a positive approach towards the remedies will give wanted results. Once you perform the suggested solutions and rituals you will yourself fell and notice the results. This in turn will help you gain trust in this science.

Q2. In which language will the report be written in?
Ans.2 The report will be written in English language. The mantras will be written in Hindi for diction purpose. Should you need any clarity on any part then please feel free to write in to us.
Q3. Who can benefit from the report?
Ans.3 Anyone who has Dreams to achieve. These dreams can be related to business, wealth, relationships, success etc. In order to fulfill these dreams we all work towards them. This report will work like a jack in this process. Its solutions and remedies will help our stars to align in a way so that we can achieve what we desire.
Q4. What will the report contain?
Ans.4 This report will contain some special solutions and remedies to perform in the given manner and time. These remedies and solutions will be some very easy and doable ones. Modifications will also be given where needed.
Q5. How will this report benefit me?
Ans.5 This report will instill the confidence to achieve what is desired. A little tweak with the rituals and solutions that help in balancing environment where one lives and the stars under which one is born. These slight efforts if reported correctly and performed well can reap the best results.
Q6. Living in a rented accommodation, will these remedies help?
Ans.6 Yes, the remedies are such that you can easily make changes and alterations in your current accommodation without much effort.
Q7. Believing and not believing in this science. Does this effect while performing remedies?
Ans.7 Anything and everything that you do, takes its time to convince you. However, I suggest you do the remedies with a positive mindset and in no time you will naturally start feeling the same.
Q8. Incase if I have entered wrong Birth details. What do I do now?
Ans.8 Please write in to us with the correct details at
Q9. What is the refund policy?

Ans.9 Although you can ask for refund within 24hours of your request. Post which the request stands void. Suggest you to read the refund policy link given in the bottom.

Q10. Incase if I have doubts and queries what do I do?
Ans.10 To clarify your doubts and queries or to need any support please feel free to write in to us at

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